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Casey’s Holds Round-Up Campaign to Support Veterans

Updated on February 9, 2023 | November 2, 2022

A solider holding a baby

November is a time to reflect on what we’re thankful for. At Casey’s, we’re proud to show our gratitude for service members, past and present, who have served our great country and armed forces. 

Until November 29, you can help us salute our nation’s heroes by rounding up your purchases in-store, online, or via the Casey’s Rewards app. The funds raised will benefit two of extraordinary organizations who each uniquely support veterans and their families: Children of Fallen Patriots and Hope For The Warriors (HOPE).

We’re excited to team up with our generous guests once again after Casey’s donated $1 million for veterans and their families in 2021. Join us at your local Casey’s store and learn more about our partners and the impacts they’ve made because of your continued generosity and rounded up donations at the register.


Joe Pawlowski – Finding Purpose and Carrying Legacies Through Art

On his road to recovery, Marine Corps Corporal Joe Pawlowski reconnected with his lost passion for art with the help of Hope For the Warriors. Pawlowski was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq, in 2006, during the “Third Battle of Fallujah,” where he was ambushed by sniper fire in battle and was the only one on his team to survive the attack.

The injuries he sustained in that attack required many surgeries to salvage his dominant arm and repair a broken scapula, and Pawlowski had to learn how to use his arm again. But on this long-winded journey, he also found his life purpose – carrying on his fallen friends’ legacies through art, and as a form of physical and mental therapy. 

Joe Pawlowski painting

He started tattooing fellow veterans during sessions called "Pain Therapy,” holding conversations about the physical and emotional pain veterans face during and after combat – and that’s when he realized the positive impact art had on himself and his fellow brothers in arms. So, he applied to the Warrior Wish program for an art studio, a safe space where he could carry out his passion. HOPE granted his wish.

Today, Pawlowski has his very own art studio where he continues to connect with and serve other veterans through art.


Ryan Voltin – A Story of Hope and Never Giving Up

Retired U.S. Marine Captain Ryan Voltin always had a passion for serving our country, which motivated him to continue that service even in the face of adversity.

In January 2007, Voltin, a commissioned officer and pilot, deployed with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In May of that year, Voltin’s aircraft was directly hit by friendly fire while sitting on the ground, leaving him with severe third-degree burns, multiple fractures to his left hand, the amputation of his left leg below the knee, 3 years of medical care at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in San Antonio, and over 50 surgeries.

Marine Captain Ryan Voltin

In the face of hardship and recovery, Ryan maintained a positive outlook and had the support of his wife and children to help him get through. His dream was to return to flying and serving his country, and HOPE was proud to help turn this dream into reality through our Warrior’s Wish program.

Today, Voltin flies helicopters and airplanes, supporting land and sea operations dedicated to border security. 


Abbie Wittwer – A Daughter of a Father Lost in the Line of Duty

Abbie is the daughter of U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Frank Wittwer, who passed away in 2006. She says her father was “everything a kid wanted their dad to be.”

She graduated from the University of Northern Georgia in 2022 with the help from Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, which provides children of our nation’s fallen military heroes’ necessary resources to continue education. 

“I would not have been the student I was, or the person I am, without the support of Fallen Patriots.”

Abbie Wittwer holding a picture of her dad

As an active member of extracurricular activities during school, Abbie was a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, where she served as their Vice President of Finance. She also served as the Vice President of Activities for Beta Alpha Psi and mentored at Knights of Heroes in her free time.

She is one of many student success stories and an example of those positively impacted by Children of the Fallen Patriots, and now serves on the Children of Fallen Patriots team as a Staff Accountant.

“There are approximately 25,000 children who have lost a parent in the line of duty over the past 35 years. The vision of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is to ensure that every such child receives the necessary college funding.”




Throughout November, Casey's encourages you to round up your purchases at the register or online and join Casey’s in our 2022 Here For Veterans campaign. Veterans are also encouraged to stop at their nearby Casey’s store on Veterans Day to receive a Free Coffee. 



Children of Fallen Patriot

Casey’s partners with Children of Fallen Patriots to provide assistance, resources and scholarships to children who’ve lost a parent in the line of duty. Using the funds raised during our Here For Veterans campaign, Children of Fallen Patriots awarded 20 student scholarships in 2021.

Hope For the Warriors

Casey’s has partnered with Hope For The Warriors (HOPE) to help service members and their families restore a sense of self, family, and hope through comprehensive support programs, and in 2021, 250 military service members and their families were provided resources and personalized support for critical needs such as housing, food and utilities.

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