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Here for Veterans: Thank You!

Updated on June 23, 2023 | November 3, 2020

Kids and mom running to their dad as he returns from the military

Each November, Casey’s takes extra time to give thanks to veterans. They are our family and friends, neighbors, and team members, and we are grateful for their service to our country.

This year, we are featuring a few of our very own veterans that come to work at Casey’s each day. We asked them about their service and how it has influenced them.


Tom Brennan, Chief Merchandising Officer

“There is so much that I owe to my Army training and the incredible leadership opportunities I was afforded during my six years on active duty. That being said, I would highlight resilience and agility as two areas that my time in the Army honed and since leaving the service have been critical for me throughout my career. Dealing with and overcoming challenges helped me develop resiliency and that is a very important trait to have in both business and obviously in life. Combine that with constantly having to expect the unexpected, develop contingencies, and innovate and adapt quickly to still accomplish the mission and you get the definition of being agile. Both have served me well and have helped me effectively navigate different challenges as my career has progressed.

Casey's team member Tom Brennan in the military

I think here at Casey’s where we have each function working to support our front line store team members it creates a sense of team and unity that I believe would appeal to anyone who has served in uniform. It is in this environment that all of our team members, not just those with prior service, have the opportunity to grow, lead, and help make Casey’s the best version of Casey’s our guests have ever seen.”


Melanie Harris, Food Safety Specialist

“My desire to join the US Army was not born out of passion for service as much as a yearning for independence, travel, education, and maybe some discipline. The discipline came first and the rest came in time.

Casey's team member Melanie Harris

It was through the discipline that I understood the importance of serving this great country. It was an honor to do so.

Mostly, I learned the importance of attention to detail. Overlooking a step in the process will negatively impact its success. I enjoy learning about other team members that served and appreciate that our military service experience and background are welcomed here.”

Hope for the Warriors and Children of Fallen Patriots logos

Help support veterans

During November, Casey’s guests can help provide assistance and scholarships to veterans and their families by rounding-up their purchases at Casey’s to benefit Hope For The Warriors and Children of Fallen Patriots.

Please stop by, get your favorite snack, pizza or drink, and round up to support veterans and their families! #HereForGood

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