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Hometown Happenings: A Donut Makes a Difference

Updated on June 12, 2023 | February 27, 2018

Assorted Casey's donuts in a box

Jenny, a Highland Casey's customer, recently stopped in to pick up some chocolate Long Johns for her 90-year-old grandmother. Unfortunately, there weren't any Long Johns left in the case, so Jenny simply turned to leave without them.

A Simple Act of Kindness

Before she reached the door, Blake, the store manager, asked if she found what she needed. Jenny admitted that she had not, letting him know she was looking for these donuts for her grandmother. Blake quickly replied, "Those take only a few minutes to make. Let us whip some up for you!"

Someone holding a Chocolate Long John Donut in front of a colorful background

Jenny was pleasantly surprised by this act of kindness, saying, "It's not every day that someone really wants to help like this!"

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Thank You, Blake!

When we called Blake to ask about this story, he humbly explained that this is simply how his staff operates:

"Our store is in a small community where everyone knows everyone, and it feels like a big family."

Taking the time to help with this request is just one example of how this store runs daily.

Great job to Blake and his team for going above and beyond to exceed this customer's expectations. We are proud to have such incredible team members across all our stores!

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