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4 New Back-to-School Traditions

Updated on June 23, 2023 | August 19, 2020

Mom helping getting her little boy ready for school

It's that time of year again, back-to-school season! And while this year may look a little different, it doesn't mean this new milestone in your child's life should be any less exciting.

No matter if your child is virtually learning or in-person in the classrooms, we have a couple of ideas that will get you and your little one pumped for this upcoming year of learning and fun.


New (School) Year's Eve

We celebrate a new year every January, so why not celebrate the start of a new school year, too? The night before the first day of class decorate your home with leftover 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' banners and confetti. Then create a fun runway where your kiddo can show off all their favorite back-to-school outfits while strutting their stuff to some upbeat music.

Boy goofily makes a face using two donuts

After dinner, use sparkling juice to cheers to the school year ahead and encourage your child to share everything they're excited about (and what they are fearful of) – then make sure to write everything down as a keepsake.

Before bed, take a family trip to Casey's and have everyone choose their favorite donut or bakery item to enjoy in the morning… because let's be honest, who needs one more thing to worry about on the first day?


'Love Ya a Bunch' Sack Lunch

For kids who can take their own lunch to school, do something special on the day that corresponds with his or her grade. So, if your child is in fourth grade, pack a super cool lunch for them on their fourth day of school.

Your kiddo could pick out their favorite sandwich, their choice of chips, a yummy sweet treat (like a candy bar or cookie), and finish it off with a refreshing beverage.

Dr Pepper, Ruffles chips, and sub sandwich picnic

You can add their delicious picks into their lunchbox with a sweet note on how much you know they'll enjoy this grade and all the fun things you remember learning when you were their age. Or if you're home-learning, you can enjoy the memorable lunch together and take it outside – like to your favorite park to make it feel even more special!

To make it even easier, order the whole lunch online the night before and keep it in the fridge at home, or swing by Casey's to pick it up on your way to school in the morning.


Celebratory Pizza Party

Because there are new rules every child will need to adapt to this year, encourage your child to go with the flow with an incentive everyone loves – a pizza party! Create a fun rewards chart and let your little one add a sticker for every good behavior noticed.

A child working on homework while a mom prepares a Casey's pizza and Cheesy Breadsticks 

Has your little one been doing an awesome job keeping their mask on? Are they doing a great job of focusing on their online curriculum even though they would rather play outside? Give them a sticker! 

After earning 10 stickers comes the delicious reward: a mouthwatering pizza and a fun little dinner party to honor your kiddo, so the whole family can show how proud they are of them for adjusting so well.

Order pizza


Special Treat for Teachers

This school year is not only hard on the children, but it's also a crazy and uncertain time for teachers everywhere, too. Show your support and appreciation for them by gifting them a coffee or fountain drink. The small gesture will let them know how thankful the world is to have such selfless role models. Plus, is anyone more deserving of some extra caffeine than teachers?

Casey's bean-to-cup coffee pouring into a cup with steam

And if your household has opted for at-home learning, make sure to treat yourself with a morning pick-me-up, too. Adding "teacher" to the daily duties you already have to juggle is no small task to bear – and you are a rockstar for doing so.


What are Your Back-to-School Traditions?

Are you going to try any of these new traditions? Or do you have some other traditions you'd like to share? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We wish you all a wonderful and safe school year ahead!


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