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Back to School Made Easy with Casey's

Updated on June 30, 2023 | August 23, 2021

Mom and dad getting their kids ready to go to school

Here at Casey's, we know that for a lot of people, back-to-school time can mean returning to super chaotic schedules. With mornings often feeling hectic and disorganized, you may have trouble navigating at all.

 What if we told you we had the secret to easier mornings? A stop at Casey's!

We've been working hard to make sure that your mornings are better than ever. Read on below to see how we can help you have a delicious (and super easy!) start to your day!


Help for Parents

Sometimes getting your kids ready for school can feel like the ultimate battle. We have the solution!

Women eating Casey's chips, wrap, and water on a picnic table

Picture this: Before pulling out of your driveway, you open the Casey's app and order your kiddos some delicious donuts (and one or two for yourself!). You also add on a couple of our deli sandwiches or wrapsCasey's chips, and fruit – an easy, appetizing lunch at a price almost too good to be true.

Once you arrive at Casey's, you park at a tank to fill up and moments later an employee brings out your items before your pump even clicks off. Your morning has been saved, and you drive off feeling like a pro that can handle anything thrown your way today.


SOS for Teachers

After a summer off, we get how hard it is to get back into the swing of mornings, especially for teachers. We believe that just because you're running behind in the morning, it shouldn't mean you have to settle for underwhelming break-room coffee and a bland cereal bar just because it's fast. Teachers, the unsung heroes, deserve much more than that!

Teacher points to a roomful of students with their hands in the air to answer a question

That's why we invite you to stop into Casey's for our new bean-to-cup coffee. It's made hot and fresh just for you and is the perfect way to treat yourself in the morning! 

If you need to wake up your taste buds, grab some of our Casey's bakery items – cinnamon rolls, donut holes, and danishes, oh my! Each one is packaged for ease, making it perfect for an on-the-go morning as you're preparing for the day ahead.

Plus, keep your eyes out as the school year begins, because we have some big news coming that will make it even easier to carry your good mood all the way from the morning bell to dismissal!


Morning Aid for Students

For older high school students and new college students, gaining some independence can feel so rewarding, but also somewhat daunting (if we're being honest!). Mornings can almost feel impossible at first… unless you have Casey's!

Kids eat Casey's breakfast pizza, mini donuts, and juice via Influencer @frypartyoffive

Prepping for your day is easier than ever because now you can stop in for a delicious slice of Breakfast Pizza. Take your pick between either crispy bacon or savory sausage or try one with fresh veggies instead! With made-from-scratch dough, scrambled eggs, and gooey cheese, a slice of bizza is an on-the-go favorite.

If you want to make some new friends or feed your hungry roommates, grab a whole pie to share (you can even order ahead and select curbside pickup so that grabbing breakfast only takes a couple minutes).

Plus, you can add on any home essentials you may have forgotten for your dorm – and if you sign up for our Casey's Rewards program, you could even earn points for free pizza and other tasty treats. Extra bonus: that sounds like some time-saving, money-saving lessons any parent would be happy to hear you've learned!


We're here for you

We're wishing all parents, school workers, and students a happy school year ahead! Join us in giving back to our communities by donating your Casey's Rewards points to your school. Plus, check out more about our Cash for Classroom Grant Program to see how Casey's can help your school!

Check out our grant program


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