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Top 5 Limited-Time Specialty Pizzas

Updated on June 12, 2023 | May 5, 2020

Casey's specialty pizza on a table with toppings around it

One thing that you can always count on from Casey's is that we're continually experimenting to bring you new pizzas. Our team is constantly researching the latest food trends and doing rounds and rounds of recipe tests.

Once we've brainstormed and perfected a flavor to the highest of yumminess standards – only then will we add it to our menu to see what resonates with our guests' taste buds the most.

3 Boxes of Casey's pizza being placed in a car trunk

Over the years we've offered tons of limited-time pizzas, and we've heard from our fans loud and clear on which specialty pizzas they crave the most – and which ones they ask us to bring back again and again.

We've rounded up the list of our top 5 Limited-Time Specialty Pizza Favorites. Read on to see if yours made the cut!


5. Pepperoni & Meatball Pizza

Rolling in at number five is a pizza that seems so simple but is actually loaded with complex meaty flavors. It's our Pepperoni & Meatball Pizza.

Casey's limited-time Pepperoni & Meatball pizza surrounded by toppings

This pizza is loaded with our zesty pepperoni and mini juicy meatballs – together creating a flavorful combination of Italian zest. If you haven't tried this standout flavor, you're going to want to give it a chance the next time it comes around. Until then, order one of our classic favorites!

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4. Spinach, Artichoke & Chicken Specialty Pizza

One of the most sophisticated of our specialty pizzas comes in at number four: the Spinach, Artichoke & Chicken Pizza. This tasty pizza makes mouths water just by uttering its name.

Casey's limited-time Spinach, Artichoke & Chicken Specialty Pizza

The creamy spinach and artichoke sauce always tempts guests when it graces the menu, especially when they're in the mood for something different. The perfectly grilled chicken and 100% real whole-milk mozzarella cheese are the perfect touches to round out this soul-satisfying fan favorite.

Even though this popular flavor is not currently available, be sure to check out all of our current specialty pizzas.


3. The Midwestern Pizza

This savory creation is one of our newest specialty flavors and has already climbed the charts coming in ranked at number three: The Midwestern.

Casey's limited-time Midwestern Pizza

There could not be a more perfect name for this pizza (in fact, we held a contest about it), because when you think of the Midwest, all the deliciousness that is this pizza comes to mind. Pulled pork… fire-roasted corn… smoky bacon… plus all that on top of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce – can you say YUM?

Guests are counting down the days until we bring back this unique mash-up of tastes, but until then, be sure to try one of our classic pizzas!


2. Mac & Cheese Pizza

HOLY COW do people love this second-place contender. So much so, we even created a t-shirt for all our super fans. It's a flavor that is the perfect cross between pasta and pizza – it's our Mac & Cheese Pizza (or the MacZa as some fans have nicknamed it).

Woman holding up a slice of Casey's Mac & Cheese Pizza sitting in a Casey's store

This favorite has developed a cult following who can't get enough of the creamy macaroni and cheese on top of a cheddar cheese sauce and topped with our signature mozzarella cheese. If loving Mac & Cheese Pizza so much is wrong – then we don't want to be right.

Even though our MacZa is no longer available, you can still get your cheese fix with our new Bacon Mac and Cheese grab-and-go bowl!


1. Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

And now it's time to reveal our number one specialty pizza. Drum roll please… it's our Philly Cheese Steak Pizza! We've dug into all the secrets behind how Philadelphia makes their Philly Cheese Steaks so flavorful, and we brought the same deliciousness (with a little regional flare) to the heart of America.

Casey's limited-time Philly Cheese Steak Pizza on a table surrounded by toppings

The result? Our handmade crust spread with savory cheese sauce is topped with juicy, succulent steak along with fresh green peppers and onions to give it a little crunch. Once you've tasted this specialty flavor, you'll already be planning the next time you can treat yourself to it again.

If reading this list made your stomach rumble, be sure to order your favorite specialty pizza now!


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