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New Mtn Dew Overdrive: Only at Casey's!

Updated on July 21, 2022 | June 22, 2022

A promotional banner for Casey's exclusive new Mtn Dew Overdrive drink

It's no secret that our guests LOVE Mtn Dew (and who can blame them?). We're always thinking of how we can reward our guests, so we decided to team up with Mtn Dew to create a unique, one-of-a-kind flavor for our guests.

Bursting with Flavor!

This is our boldest taste yet!

A bottle of exclusive Mtn Dew Overdrive next to a Casey's Pepperoni Pizza slice on a table

Mtn Dew Overdrive is going full throttle on thrilling flavors of mango, raspberry, and lime. Casey's and Mtn Dew joined together in order to offer fans a delicious new flavor, crafted specially to fuel their outdoor adventures this summer across the Midwest. This one-of-a-kind drink is the perfect blend of light & juicy flavors that will keep you feeling refreshed and recharged for any occasion.

The only place to get this epic flavor? Casey's! Stop by for your exclusive Mtn Dew Overdrive today.

Influencer Johnny (aka The Tattooed Husband) drinking Casey's exclusive Mtn Dew Overdrive on the hood of his car

How to Enjoy Exclusive Mtn Dew Overdrive

On the go? Grab a Mtn Dew Overdrive 20oz from the fridge to enjoy wherever you are. You can even order online for delivery or pickup!

Get a $1 Medium Mtn Dew Overdrive with Casey's Rewards

If you want this great taste straight from the tap, you're in luck! Mtn Dew Overdrive is available at most stores in our fountain drink machines! Find your closest store and stop by today!

Plus, as a part of our Summer of Freedom celebration, enjoy a Medium Fountain Mtn Dew Overdrive for only $1 with Casey's Rewards! Available through 9/6/22.


Mtn Dew Overdrive + Pizza Pairings

While we have found Mtn Dew Overdrive to pair with any of our pizzas, a few stand out as perfect pairings! Check out our favorites below.

  1. BBQ Brisket Pizza

This new limited-time pizza is ideal to match with Mtn Dew Overdrive. The savory and smokey tastes of the BBQ Brisket blend perfectly with the sweet and vibrant flavor of the Overdrive.

A slice of Casey's New limited-time BBQ Brisket Pizza

Try this combo soon, our BBQ Brisket Pizza is only available for a limited time!

  1. BBQ Chicken Pizza

Grilled chicken, smoked bacon, fresh onion, gooey cheese, and savory BBQ sauce - what could be a better combination? Only adding Mtn Dew Overdrive to the mix for a fruity little pep!

Casey's BBQ Chicken Pizza

  1. Cheese Pizza

While nearly any flavor pairs well with a Cheese Pizza, the light & refreshing flavors from Overdrive complement this classic flavor wonderfully.

Someone grabbing a slice of Casey's Cheese Pizza


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Try Yours!

A refreshing Mtn Dew Overdrive is perfect for a hot summer day, stop by for yours today!



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