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The Playlists You Need This Summer

Updated on July 3, 2023 | May 4, 2022

Influencer Jenifer Charls and her son making peace signs while holding their Summer of Freedom pizza box

As warmer weather approaches, we’re finding ourselves getting pumped up for outdoor activities, hanging out with friends and family, and, of course, yummy food.

There are so many things that make a Midwest summer great — but one thing that can take your night from “that was pretty fun” to “that was the absolute BEST time” is an epic playlist.

That’s why our team created some rocking summer playlists that we’re excited to share with you! Everyone knows the perfect formula for a great summer night is: Great Weather + Friends + Food + Great Tunes.

See our playlists below (all of which can be found on Spotify) – perfect for your favorite summer activities!


Ultimate Backyard BBQ

Get the party started in your backyard with musical favorites that are sure to be crowd-pleasers! 


Week at the Cabin

Relax and unwind at the cabin with this boppin' collection of songs. Whether you’re having a low-key day or a lakeside party, these songs are perfect for you.


River Float Trip

Stay cool and collected with these fan-favorite jams that will have you feeling like you're floating down the river (even if you're still stuck in the office!)


ATV Adventure

Rock the trails with music in your ear! The ultimate off-road playlist is the key to a memorable thrilling adventure. 



Rediscover Our Past Favorites:


What is it about relaxing by a bonfire late at night that just feels so right?

Casey's Summer of Freedom Bonfire Spotify Icon

Kick back with our poppin’ beats, great snacks, and refreshing cold ones. This playlist is full of the classics and with toasty melodies from musical legends – it’s just what you need to keep you feeling all nice and warm on the inside.



Road Trip

Windows down, music up. Sun shining and the miles climbing.

Casey's Summer of Freedom Road Trip Spotify Icon

Summertime is perfect for adventures – and we curated the songs that’ll make you want to grab some to-go snacks and hit the open road with your friends. Turn your favorites up loud on your car speakers, and we guarantee you won’t hear a single “Are we there yet?”!



Pizza Party

There ain’t no party like a pizza party.

Casey's Summer of Freedom Pizza Party Spotify Icon

You’re never too old to invite your buds over for some great pizza and some quality hangs — even if that means just hanging out in the backyard playing some bags. Crank those tunes, grab a cold one, and your place might just become the new fun hangout spot!



Date Night

Go on, give that loved one a pizza your heart.

Casey's Summer of Freedom Date Night Spotify Icon

Cuddle up with your love underneath the summer stars and cheers to warm nights that bring you both closer together. Step up your date night with sweet, sweet songs that are perfect for intimate slow dances or goofy boogie sessions.



Lake Life

Sunblock √ Snacks √ Songs √ 

Casey's Summer of Freedom Lake Life Spotify Icon

Rockin’ lake days and sunny float parties are made perfect when you have the best Casey’s snacks on deck and the songs that keep the mood feeling light and breezy. Bob in the waves and catch some rays with summer favorites!



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