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Casey's Pizza and Beer Pairings

Updated on April 10, 2024 | August 7, 2020

Two Casey's fans playfully eat pizza and drink Busch Light beer

​​We've all heard of wine and cheese pairings – but when it's summer in the Midwest, most of us tend to go for our favorite pizza and ice-cold beer. So that got us thinking: which Casey's Pizza pairs best with our most popular beer?

Along with our Chief Pizza & Beer Officer (who better?), we tested all the possible combinations and found which flavor profiles of these slices and brews harmonized together the best. Find your favorite pairing below!


Coors Light + Meat Galore Pizza

What's better than a fresh beer from the mountains, and a pizza with mountains of meat!


Light and refreshing Coors Banquet beer brings out all the flavors in a Meat Galore Pizza like the juicy sausage and beef, zesty pepperoni, flavorful ham, and crispy bacon.


Busch Light + Beef Pizza


As cool and crisp as a mountain stream, Busch Light has developed quite the cult following – just like our Beef Pizza!



Michelob Ultra + Sausage Pizza


Crisp, clean, and refreshing, Michelob Ultra is the ideal pairing for our craveable Sausage Pizza, a go-to any day of the week!


This is Joe Cruz's (our fabulous Chief Pizza and Beer Officer!) ultimate favorite pairing!

Miller Lite + Sausage Pizza

Because Miller Lite is light and sweet, it's the perfect drink to enjoy when you're craving a Sausage Pizza.


Hearty sausage and a gooey blend of cheese – it's a great pairing for Miller Lite. This duo is great for when you need an after-work summer treat!

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Busch Light + Breakfast Pizza

Blue Moon is a light wheat ale that has a slight hint of a sweet orange flavor, and what could be more perfect for breakfast with Casey's fan-fave Breakfast Pizza?

These two tasty heroes accompany each other well because the savory sausage or bacon, fresh scrambled eggs, and cheesiness of the Bizza is washed down with this cold, smooth beer.


Our CPBO Joe's recommendation? Enjoy this delicious duo from bed – no matter the time of day!


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