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Casey's Brings Local Dairy to Your Family's Table

Updated on May 8, 2023 | November 1, 2020

Cows at Milk Unlimited Farm

At Casey's, we know Midwest dairy farmers are hardworking and innovative, especially when it comes to taking care of their animals and the environment. That's why Casey's is proud to partner with Midwest Dairy and local dairy farms across the Midwest to bring you and your family fresh and delicious dairy every day.

Did you know the vast majority of dairy farms are locally owned and operated? And that it can take as little as 48 hours to go from the farm to the dairy cooler at your local Casey's? Pair that with the fact that fresh dairy products provide protein and nine essential nutrients, there are plenty of reasons to make the switch to local dairy and support farmers right here in the Midwest.

Casey's sources its dairy from many different farms throughout the Midwest. Lin-Crest Farm, Heins Family Farms, Schan-Dale Holstein, and Fellwock Dairy are just a few we're proud to support.


Lin-Crest Farms

Lisa Leach, along with her husband and three daughters, make up the team of Lin-Crest Farm in Kansas.

Lin-Crest Family with their cow

As a family, the Leaches have enjoyed showing their cattle and sharing their dairy farm story for the past 39 years.


Heins Family Farms

Chris and Adriane Heins represent the sixth generation of dairy farmers for Heins Family Farms in Missouri. Together Chris and Adriane are raising the seventh generation with their four young children.

Chris and Adriane Heins smiling at their farm

The Heins family has three important goals for their dairy farm: to be animal friendly, environmentally friendly, and people friendly.


Milk Unlimited

Kelly and Christy Cunningham have been operating Milk Unlimited in rural Iowa since 1998.

Kelly and Christy Cunningham at their Milk Unlimited farm with cows in the background

Caring for the animals, land, and their community, they have transitioned to more sustainable methods of dairy farming. They utilize robotic technology to help feed their 3,400 cows (which lowers carbon emissions), plant cover crops to reduce soil erosion, and give back to their community by partnering with local businesses.


Schan-Dale Holstein

The Schanbacher family's belief that "dairy farming is a great way of life" shows in their passion for the work they do. Brian Schanbacher, his wife Kristen, and their two kids are a fifth generation Iowa farm.

The Schanbacher family standing in front of their cows

The farm has been in the family for 154 years, with three generations currently working on the farm, making this a true family affair. Being true stewards of the land, Schan-Dale Holstein is committed to sustainability by adding solar panels and upgrading their milking system to robotics.


Fellwock Dairy

Fellwock Dairy, located in rural Missouri, is owned and operated by Mark and Johna Fellwock. Mark is the fourth Fellwock to take the reins of the Century Farm, and the third to operate a dairy.

Mark and Johna Fellwock at their Missouri farm

The high school sweethearts inherited the farm in their 20s. Currently, they milk more than 300 cows. Fellwock Dairy's milk is made into ice cream, cheese, and butter.


Your New Dairy Destination

The next time you need to make a dairy run, stop by your local Casey's to grab a gallon of milk, fresh cheese, or tasty ice cream. You're supporting local businesses and giving your family fresh and delicious dairy!

Milk and chocolate chip cookies

Plus, what goes better with ice cold milk than some fresh baked Casey's cookies? Or, our personal favorite combo, a hot breakfast pizza and a glass of milk to start the day! Start an order now, and don't forget to grab some local dairy the next time you stop into Casey's.



Grab some milk to fuel your day (plus something delicious to pair with it!).



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