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Fresh Veggies from Sustainable Farms

Updated on January 2, 2024 | August 8, 2019

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Ippolito International

Ippolito International is a second-generation farming company based out of California. They grow the fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce that we use in our stores. As a family-based operation, they have the services of a large company with the home-grown values of a small company, much like Casey's does. 

Ippolito International also focuses on sustainability. They make the effort to reduce use of resources and provide good jobs for their employees. As a company with roots in many small farm communities throughout the Midwest, Casey's is proud to support companies that value agricultural sustainability. Ippolito International's delicious, fresh vegetables and corporate responsibility make them a perfect fit for us and our customers.

See how else Casey's values sustainable initiatives!


Good Farms

It's all in the name: Good Farms' mission is improving lives from farm to table. In addition to providing Casey's with juicy, perfect tomatoes, they focus on improving the lives of their workers and promoting safe labor practices.


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A shared common goal between Good Farms and Casey's is child welfare and education. Good Farms aims to get children out of the field and into schools. They accomplish this by operating their own schools on their farms for their team members' children.

Casey's prides itself on supporting its local communities and schools through a variety of charitable giving campaigns and fundraisers. We also support early childhood education through our Child Development Center at our corporate headquarters.

In addition to supporting children, Good Farms supports the parent workers too. Good Farms pays U.S. wages and adjusts shift times so workers aren't out in the midday heat. They are pioneering innovation to make harvesting easier, a win-win for their workers and clients.

Casey's is proud to partner with Good Farms, because of their ethical practices and excellent produce.


Fresh food for you

We care about providing the freshest food to you and your family, and farms like Ippolito International and Good Farms help us do that. Try our fresh products today!

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