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We Know Which Signature Sauce You Should Try Based on Your Football Fan Personality

Updated on October 3, 2023 | January 5, 2023

Casey's new crispier, meatier wings and signature sauces next to a Pepperoni Pizza

It’s that time of year… you’ve worn your jerseys all season long and are crossing your fingers for awesome wins that will get your team to the Big Game. No matter what team advances, we think it’s pretty likely that you’ll either host or attend a party with lots of football food to watch the last two teams duke it out for the title! 

You might as well start planning now! We have the perfect item for your party – our NEW crispy, meatier Casey’s chicken wings.


Casey's Chicken Wings and a cup of Ranch


These Midwest-made wings are perfectly crispy and seasoned with our signature recipe. Sounds soooo good, right? You can order them for delivery or pickup and they are even better when paired with one of our delicious dipping sauces.


Which Sauce & Wing Combo Should You Have Based on Your Football Fan Personality?

Now, let’s have some fun! We know which signature sauce you should pair with your wings based on your fan personality, take the quiz below to find out!

How many times have you watched your favorite team this season? 

A. Never, but I'm hoping to watch the Big Game!
B. Once... there’s a lot going on
C. Two to Five Games… I try my best
D. Five Times or More… I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Would you get a tattoo that represented your team? 

A. No, are you crazy? 
B. I’d think about it 
C. Heck yeah! 
D. Ummmm… already have one:)

How much do you know about your team? 

A. I really don’t know a lot, just love the game  
B. I mostly know names!
C. I know some tidbits on current players
D. Oh, I know the history of the team and know the details of most players! 

How far have you traveled for a football game? 

A. Never been! 
B. Across town
C. Across the state
D. Across the country

Do you have a favorite player? 

A.  No, I don’t know enough of them to have one
B. No, I cheer for the whole team  
C. Yes, but it changes every season
D. YES! They've been my favorite for years

How do you feel about other teams? 

A. I root for other teams, we’re all in this together 
B. I only root for teams my favorite player has been on 
C. Eh, I watch other games… but I love my team 
D. I don't waste my time watching our rivals


How do you feel about your fellow fans?  

A. They're great, but I usually watch on my own 
B. My fellow fans are my family!
C. I’ll party with anyone who cheers for my team
D. I watch with the same people every week!


Someone taking a picture of Casey's new crispier wings and signature sauces


Your Results: 

Mostly A’s: The “friend”

We know you’re a fan … but maybe not by choice! Don’t worry we get it, that’s a lot of people! A super basic fan, but everyone likes you.

Just like RANCH

Mostly B’s: The “cheerleader” 

You go with the flow and are along for the ride. You’re an old soul and super sweet person with a little pep in your step, cheering for everyone!

That’s why we think your perfect sauce is BBQ

Mostly C’s: The “fan-atic”

You have a zeal for football! You care about your team, follow other teams, and know the newest scoop on what's happening. You take notes and always want more.

GARLIC PARMESAN is the sauce for you!

Mostly D’s: The “diehard” 

You are the real deal! A SUPER FAN. The tried and true with a big personality that’s just a little bit spicy.

You make an entrance in every room, just like our BOOMerang sauce


A gif of someone dipping Casey's chicken wings into sauce


So many sauces!

We have so many Signature Sauces to pair with our new, crispier wings, we couldn't list them all in this quiz! Check out our full line-up below (and then order your fave!)


Honey Mustard

Garlic Parmesan

Bleu Cheese





Get saucy



Wings are the perfect meal for game day! Pair your favorite sauce with our new wings, available bone-in or boneless!

Order wings


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