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Your Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Snacks

Updated on May 1, 2023 | March 10, 2022

Influencer Alysse Dalessandro ready for a road trip with her Casey's food, suitcase, and guide book

Planning a road trip? Let Casey’s pack your snack bag for you!

We have the best travel snacks for your trip – healthy snack options, salty and sweet treats, and drink choices galore. 

Browse some of our favorites below and preorder for curbside pickup! Yes, it’s that easy. Grab your snacks on your way out of town, top off the gas tank, and hit the road!

Bonus: Check out this boppin’ playlist, full of the perfect road trip jams!


Protein & Power

Power up for the long ride ahead by starting off with healthy road trip snacks to fuel your body and mind! This will help you to stay awake and truly enjoy the scenery.


Trail Mix & Nuts

A solid road trip snack idea for all seasons! This smart pick gets you fiber, vitamins, and protein – all in one! Casey’s has a wide selection of nuts and trail mix, so choose your regular favorite or try something new. 

Lola's Hot Sauce Zesty Jalapeno Peanuts & Cashews

Say hello to your new favorite way to spice up your snack bag! Try out Casey’s New Zesty Jalapeño Peanuts or the Zesty Jalapeño Cashews – both combined with Lola’s iconic Hot Sauce. Take more of the Midwest with you on your trip!


Protein Bars

Protein bars will keep you and your kids full longer! This snack option also works well for a quick breakfast in the car and can be kept for later if you end up not needing them.


Beef Jerky

An easy option for the driver! Check out our selection of this salty and savory snack.

Man carrying Jack Links Beef Jerky

From original to spicy, we have a flavor suitable for everyone’s taste.


Salty Snacks

We all enjoy a salty snack now and then – so, have a few on hand for your journey. You can’t leave without the 3 P’s… popcorn, Pringles, and pretzels!



A delicious snack that will keep you busy and awake on your drive. Casey’s offers two different varieties, both great to fulfill that salty craving and keep health in mind!



The crunch of chips just can’t be replaced. The packaging of Pringles makes them a perfect road trip snack: convenient and portable! The freedom to snack when you want, wherever you are.



Pretzels come in all kinds at Casey’s! Stick to regular or mix it up with our new Zesty Jalapeño Seasoned Pretzels made with Lola’s Hot Sauce.

Road Trip Snack Assortment of Chips, Jerky, Candy and Trail Mix

Feeling something on the sweeter side? We also offer Casey’s Caramel Swirl Pretzels and Casey’s Munchy Medley.


Sweet Treats

Finish out your travel with something to satisfy your sweet tooth! All your favorites can be just a reach away.



A little pro tip: pick a candy that comes in little pieces instead of bar form so it lasts longer. Choices like gummi worms or bears are a great choice.

Girl holding Trolli Sour Candy

Don’t forget about chocolate candies too (Our pick? Reese’s Minis or Peanut M&Ms).



A classic treat for your packing list! Crispy vanilla cookies with vanilla frosting and sprinkles for dunking, all in a cute little package! Very convenient and especially perfect for the little ones.



You can’t have snacks without drinks! Make sure to add a few different options to your pick-up order so you don’t have to make any unnecessary stops.



Stay hydrated with the most important drink to bring along! Plus, get the biggest bang for your buck by purchasing a 24 pack and pass around a bottle to the whole family.

Casey's Soda, Lemonade, and Tea on a table



Juice for the kids and for you! Having a variety of drink possibilities on hand will keep you and your family from getting bored.



You’ll need a little caffeine boost to get through the last leg of your trip. This will come in handy, so you don’t want to forget it!


You're Ready to Go!

With that, you’re all set for a fun family road trip that no one will forget (or go hungry for)! 

Don’t forget to order the best road trip snacks from Casey’s, which is now easier than ever. Remember, we’ll pack your snack bag for you – all you have to do is choose your favorites from above and pre-order for curbside pickup! Then simply grab your snack bag on your way out of town.



Preorder your favorite snacks for curbside pickup to grab on your way out of town!



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