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The Best Fountain Drink Combinations

Updated on January 29, 2024 | June 28, 2022

89 cent Medium Fountain or Frozen Drinks at Casey's with fountain drink splash

Become a mixologist in our stores and try some of our favorite Casey’s fountain drink combinations:


Orange Blast

Orange Blast Fountain Drink Combo: Coke + Sunkist

Classic Coca-Cola + Orange Sunkist

Surprisingly delicious, mix Classic Coke with Fanta Orange! This blend will satisfy your sweet tooth and give a refreshing orange kick.

Try this take on the popular German soft drink coined the Mezzo Mix or ‘spezi’ and make your own.


Sunshiney Sipper

Sunshiney Sipper Fountain Drink Combo: Dr Pepper + Tropicana Lemonade

Dr Pepper + Tropicana Lemonade

This surprising combination is absolutely delectable! The summer season won’t be complete without you giving this a try, so find your store today!


Muggy Summer Sensation

Muggy Summer Sensation Fountain Drink Combo: Mug Root Beer and Dr Pepper

Mug Root Beer + Dr Pepper

One of our new favorite discoveries is Mug Root Beer and Dr Pepper! We are in love with how the complex flavors of root beer and the rich, sweet notes of Dr Pepper play together.


Lemony Tang Twist

Lemony Tang Twist Fountain Drink Combo: Coke + Tropicana Lemonade

Classic Coca-Cola + Tropicana Lemonade

This blend may sound a little strange at first, but we promise it won’t disappoint.

Mix Coke and Lemonade equally over ice. This will create a similar taste to an Arnold Palmer, which is traditionally made with iced tea and lemonade. In this case, the Cola adds a little pizzazz through the carbonation.

Curious about ways to upgrade your Iced Tea instead? We have you covered!

A Very Cherry Choice

A Very Cherry Choice Fountain Drink Combo: Dr Pepper + Dr Pepper Cherry

Dr Pepper + Pepsi Wild Cherry

An all-new, unique flavor! Take your usual soda choice up a notch and mix Dr Pepper and Pepsi Wild Cherry together.

Try 70% of one pop choice and 30% of the other. Both ratios taste delicious! You can’t go wrong with this delicious flavor to satisfy those sweet cravings. 


Easy Seasonal Favorite

Easy Season Favorite Fountain Drink Combo: Coke + Sprite

Classic Coca-Cola + Sprite

These two popular beverages can be combined to create a ginger-ale like flavor. It’s important to get the right mix in order to achieve the perfect drink: try a splash of Coca-Cola with mostly Sprite to get the ideal taste. 


Mountaintop Magic

Mountaintop Magic Fountain Drink Combo: Mtn Dew + Dr Pepper

Mtn Dew + Dr Pepper

The perfect drink for a little mid-afternoon wakeup call!

The sweet spot for this mix is 75% Dr Pepper and 25% Mountain Dew. It’s sure to put a little spring in your step. Some also refer to this as Dr. Dew! 


Poolside Cooler

Poolside cooler fountain drink combo: Sprite + Coke + Tropicana Lemonade

Sprite + Classic Coca-Cola + Tropicana Lemonade

This one is a winner! A light and airy pairing – these 3 create a delicious beverage you’ll be craving often. It’s like a sparkling lemonade, ideal for chilling by the pool this summer.

Be sure to give this one a try! 


Create Your Own!

We have multiple soda pop options available in our stores for you to create your very own drink concoction. Share your favorites with us on social media!


Sippin' on sodas

Soda, pop, soda pop… whatever you call it, stop by Casey's for your favorite fountain drink!

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