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Casey's Now Offering a Green Super-Food: Spinach!

Updated on June 23, 2023 | March 25, 2020

Spinach leaves

As you may know, Casey's loves taking guests' suggestions and bringing them to life. So when we heard that fans were looking for healthier ways to enhance their meal choices at Casey's – we listened.

One way we thought we could boost the nutrients up in some of our favorite grab-and-go foods, plus enhance their delicious taste, was by adding the option to include a super-food that everyone seems to love: SPINACH!


Tastes Good & Good For You

We all know that Popeye loved his spinach, and it seems like he had good reason to.

Did you know that spinach is rich in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as magnesium and iron? Its great nutrients provide benefits that have been said to help strengthen your bones, improve your eyesight, fight off viruses, promote heart health, keep you energized and so much more!

When you know everything spinach can do, why wouldn't you want to try and eat some spinach in some way at least once every single day? At Casey's, we're excited to help make sure you can!


Delicious Spinach Choices at Casey's

So, we all agree spinach as a vegetable is the bees-knees – but are you thinking, "What at Casey's would you even add spinach to"? We have some tasty ideas.

Someone grabbing a slice of Casey's create your own Margherita Pizza

Let's say you and your family are craving pizza – how yummy would it be to now create your own Margherita Pizza? Or wouldn't it be a great way to sneak some veggies in by adding it to your favorites like the Chicken, Bacon, & Ranch Pizza? Or, swap out the lettuce on Taco Pizza for spinach instead!

If you're looking to squeeze in a healthy lunch, our subs and wraps have got you covered. Trade in the regular lettuce for spinach instead, and you've instantly upgraded your meal to include a bunch of health benefits. We think any of our subs or wraps would taste great (maybe even better) when you add spinach.

A woman eating a salad with spinach on a bench

And, of course, our fresh and crisp salads are an excellent option to mix in some green, leafy spinach. The spinach possibilities are truly endless!


Time to try!

What are you going to try adding spinach to first? A pizza, sub, salad, or something else?

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