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Pizza Personality Quiz: Which Pizza Are You?

Updated on June 12, 2023 | April 1, 2020

Multiple Casey's pizzas with giant question marks overlaid on top

There's something special about Casey's pizza – it's almost like each flavor has a little personality of its own. Like if our flavors were part of their own little pizza family, our Pepperoni Pizza might be the one that's always cracking jokes at the dinner table and Taco Pizza might be the one that is always making a regular Wednesday night feel special because of its over-the-top attitude.

It's fun to think that each of our top pizzas might have their own special qualities – and that got us thinking: could the pizza flavor you're drawn to most say something about you as a person?

Find your favorite pizza below and let us know if you think it matches up to your personality!


Pepperoni Pizza

You're the friend that everyone can rely on. People enjoy having you around because you have a natural ability to bring pep to any situation. You know how to keep things easy and fun – but you also have just enough of a tangy side that keeps everyone smiling and keeps people coming back for more.

A Casey's Pepperoni Pizza and Chicken Wings

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Supreme Pizza

You're a go-getter who wants it all! There's very little you dislike, and you refuse to pick favorites between company – so you're always the one that brings all the people you love together for a great time. You enjoy the full buffet of life and everyone you meet can pick out at least one thing they really love about you.

Close-up of Casey's Supreme Pizza

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Taco Pizza

You're the life of the party. Everyone is always excited when they see you walk into a room. Your creativity and knack to bring multiple walks of life together is what makes you so appealing to everyone. You are known to be a little feisty and crunchy – but that's also what makes you so unique and popular.

A box of Casey's Taco Pizza on a countertop

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Sausage Pizza

You're everyone's loyal companion. Friends and family know you will always have their back and they can count on you to come through in any situation. While you prefer to be more of a homebody than a partier – you have the mildly spicy personality to make any gathering feel more lively and enjoyable.

Casey's Sausage Pizza with garlic crust

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Cheese Pizza

You're the ultimate people-pleaser. You have the ability to connect with those who are both younger and older than you and everyone appreciates that you know how to enjoy the simple things in life. You aren't very adventurous, but you are someone that people will always have an affinity for.

A woman grabbing a slice of Casey's Cheese Pizza

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Whichever Pizza Personality you are, be sure to order it for dinner!

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