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Make the Winter Easier with Curbside Pickup

Updated on October 26, 2023 | November 12, 2020

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The holidays are just around the corner, which means the busiest time of year is also approaching. Once November hits, it feels like errands are ramped up, holiday prep is in full force, and the go-go-go mentality is constant.

At Casey’s, we strive to find ways to make our guests’ lives feel a little bit easier. That’s why we’re proud to offer FREE curbside pickup on many of our products. You can order anything from pizza to a loaf of bread and everything in between from your local Casey's – all ready to pick up within minutes.

But can curbside pickup be as easy as it seems? YES! We promise it is.

Here are just a few scenarios that make curbside pickup the perfect solution during your crazy-busy holiday season.


After Errands Pickup

Imagine this… you and the family just spent the day out doing some holiday shopping and running errands, and it feels like you hit every single store in town. Everyone had so much fun that you all lost track of time, and now dinnertime is approaching F-A-S-T. Your original dinner plan is still unthawed in the freezer, but now everyone is beat and starting to get hangry.


Man putting Casey's Pizza in the trunk of a car with excited kids


Stopping at the grocery store is out of the question at this point, but you know you’ll pass your favorite Casey’s on the way home, so you open your Casey’s app and put an order in for a couple pizzas. You remember you forgot to pick up soda earlier, so you add a 12-pack of Coke to your order too. Then, as a special treat, you add a couple pints of Happyness by the Pint Ice Cream for dessert.

To avoid going into yet another store, you can pick it all up curbside and get home quickly (so you can feast!).

Order dinner


Last-Minute Needs

Picture this… you’re having a baking day with your kiddos. You’ve started mixing your grandma’s recipe but then you realize you don’t have enough sugar. You and the kids are covered in flour, and you really don’t want to have to change to walk into a store.


Family cutting shapes out of gingerbread cookie dough


You decide to use curbside pickup at Casey’s instead and place an order for sugar, plus some snacks and juice for the kids and a Red Bull to help you power through the rest of the day. You strap the kids into their car seats to head down the road, and when you get to Casey’s, a team member puts your order right in your trunk so you can get back home within 10 minutes – ready to bake again!

Order essentials


Road Trip Fill Up

Let’s say… you’re off to your aunts for the big holiday dinner, but you’re running behind and you have to stop for gas. You have a couple hours to go, and everyone is complaining that they want some car snacks, but you know if everyone gets out to shop, it’ll be even longer until you’re on the road again.


Family in winter coats driving in the car


You pass your phone around the car, and everyone adds their snack of choice to the list (potato cheese bites, chips, gummi bears, you name it!). While your car is filling up with gas, a Casey’s team member brings your order out to the pump, and your crew is off (and happy) in no time.

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Essentials to Get By

Think about this scenario… snow has been falling all day. It finally lets up in the evening, and you realize it’s your chance to finally head out to get the must-haves you sadly found out your house was lacking.


A collection of soup, Gatorade, medicine, and cough drops on a table


It’s cold outside, but your car is warm, so instead of running in, you order Curbside Pickup. The Casey’s team member delivers to your car the pizza, beer, snacks, and cough drops you’ll need to get you by while you wait for the snow to calm down. Your trip was short and pleasant – exactly what you needed.

Order essentials


So How Does Curbside Work?

You're probably wondering how this whole curbside thing works, right? Don't worry, it's super easy!

Someone holding a phone, choosing Casey's Curbside Pickup

  1. Start an order through the Casey’s app or online
  2. Choose pickup, then select the curbside pickup option
  3. When you arrive at Casey’s, park anywhere you like and tap the “I’m here” button in your app
  4. A team member will hand-deliver your order right to your car!


Give curbside a try!

Doesn’t curbside seem like a super-easy option to stay on schedule and get the things you want faster than ever? Give it a try today and see how wonderful it is for yourself.

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