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Care for Your Car: Car Wash FAQs You Should Know

Updated on June 23, 2023 | July 18, 2022

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No matter what you drive, it’s safe to say that you probably paid a pretty penny for your vehicle. It’s important to care for your car so that it can take care of you!

Maintenance prevention and repairs can be pricey. One simple thing that you CAN do to protect your ride at a low cost is to wash it!


Should I Wash My Car? Why?

The easy answer is YES! Doesn’t everyone want their car to look sparkly clean? But, there are more benefits that go beyond the aesthetics when it comes to washing your car. 


1. Protect the Paint Job

Washing your car will prolong its longevity and ensure that you are able to get the most use out of it as possible.

In all seasons your car comes into contact with a lot of debris including dirt, bugs, bird droppings, salt and grime, and more! Especially in the summer months, pollen can also cause problems for your car.

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When this debris is left untreated over a long period of time, the deposits can eat away at the finish and paint. Running your vehicle through a car wash can help to eliminate these deposits and keep your car looking great!


2. Improve Fuel Efficiency

You might be surprised to hear that washing your car regularly can actually have an effect and improve your car’s overall fuel economy!

A layer of dirt on your car can increase the drag, causing it to use more fuel. A clean car allows the air to move more freely over the surface of your vehicle. 


3. Keep You Safe

When your vehicle is clean, you stay safer! Washing away the dirt and grime from your windows, mirrors, and tires allows you to see better and drive more carefully.


How Often Should I Wash My Car? Is it Different Seasonally?

There are a lot of different answers to how often to wash your car, but the general rule of thumb and recommendation is every two weeks. This is under normal wear and tear circumstances, but if you are someone who is driving down gravel or dirt roads frequently, you may need to wash your car more often. 

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And let’s not forget about the salt! In the Midwest and areas of large snowfall, salt is used to maintain our roads for the winter weather. This salt can be hard on your vehicle.

So, while many consider summer months the most important time to head to the car wash, we would argue that it’s equally as important in the winter!


What are In-Bay Car Washes vs Tunnel Washes?

In-Bay and Tunnel Car Washes are two of the most popular car wash options available.

In-Bay Wash

With an In-Bay Car Wash, you park your car and it sits still while being washed.

Tunnel Wash

With a Tunnel Car Wash, your car is moved along a conveyor belt in order to be washed.

Choose the type that works best for you and only pay for what you need!


Casey's Car Wash

When you see the dirt, it’s time to head to your nearest Casey’s for a good car wash!

We offer two convenient options to purchase your car wash in our app, so you can choose which option works better for you.

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Subscription Car Wash

Pay monthly for two washes per day, every single day!

Casey's offers 4 different subscription options to fit your budget and needs. Plus, there are no hidden costs, long-term commitments, or cancellation fees!

  1. The Works

Casey's Premium Car Wash! Includes superior protection with ceramic infused sealant for our in-bay washes, or the option for a ceramic add-on in tunnels, in addition to everything the Executive Car Wash offers. Get this option for the best clean your car has ever had.

  1. Executive

Casey's Executive Car Wash includes everything from the Deluxe car wash, along with an underbody wash, and rocker panel wash for a long-lasting detailed clean.

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  1. Deluxe

Casey's Deluxe Car Wash is everything from basic, along with an added lava foam bath, tire, and rim cleaner, as well as a tri-color foam protectant. This wash adds more protection to keep your car looking clean longer.

  1. Basic

Casey's Basic Car Wash includes everything for a quick clean: wash and shine, foam bath, spot-free rinse, and a turbo dry.

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Single Car Wash

Buy a wash when you need it, one at a time.

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If you aren't ready for a subscription, try out a single wash at your local Express Wash location.

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