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Best Gift Ideas for Friends

Updated on November 30, 2023 | November 30, 2021

Gift Guide for your Friends in 2023

Best Gift Ideas for Friends in 2023

Friends can make a stressful or tiring day better in an instant, so it's no wonder it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for them. Shake off the stress and read on to find a gift that shows just how much you value their friendship.


DIY Advent Calendar

Do you have a friend you want to remind how much you appreciate them, and you want to stretch that feeling out longer than just for the holiday? Create your own Advent Calendar personalized just for them! Fill it with treats that will have them starting or ending their day with something super thoughtful. We suspect it'll bring a smile to their face every time.

An advent calendar hanging in front of lights and Christmas trees


Our favorite ideas to fill it with:

  • Thoughtful notes of encouragement or reminders of favorite memories
    As a bonus, add fun little mementos to go along with the messages!
  • Mini Sips
    Sample sizes of different varieties of their favorite drinks.
  • Tasty treats like different chocolates, cheeses, or jams
    Something that they particularly love works best.


Surprise Delivery

The older you get, the harder it seems to actually get together with friends. If that seems like the case for you (or you happen to have a bestie that lives far away), here's a suggestion we love: surprising them with a delivery around the holidays or on any random day!


Our favorite ideas:

  • Take care of dinner for them one night (because we all know life gets super crazy around the holidays) – send a delivery right to their house with all of their favorite dishes.
  • Flowers – who doesn't love receiving just-because flowers on a whim? Make sure to include a thoughtful little note card!
  • A fun gift box — send a gift basket filled with little goodies like office notepads, mini succulents, or awesome art prints. Nothing says ‘you're killing it’ and ‘I'm glad to have you as a friend’ more than that.


Road Trip Bundle


If you have a friend you're looking to reconnect with, then putting together a road trip bundle as a gift is a super fun way to say ‘Hey, I miss you. Let's take a mini trip together!’. You could wrap up gas gift cards, yummy car snacks, and create a playlist (check out this one for some car tunes inspiration!) to make this gift one to truly remember.


Fun Mugs or Glassware

Whether it's coffee, flavored water, or wine (or anything in between), everyone has a favorite beverage they're always sippin' on.

A reindeer mug with hot chocolate and whipped cream

Gift a punny coffee mug and your friend will be starting their day off with a grin. If you have a friend who is trying to increase their water intake, gift them a cool water bottle that makes the goal even more fun. Or if you have a friend who loves beer or wine, give them their new favorite glassware.


Bonding Friendship Items

Remember when you were in middle school and you and your friends had “Best Friends Forever” necklaces? Let's bring that idea back!

Two friends making faces in matching sweaters and hats on the couch

Find necklaces that are fitted more for adults – or you could try matching BFF shirts, socks, plant pots, blankets, or even desk clocks (with all the times where all your besties are located).


Memory Shadowbox

If you have a friend who is really sentimental, then we suggest going the extra mile and creating a memory shadowbox.

A memory shadowbox with film and postcards

You can include photos throughout your friendship as well as fun items that serve as a reminder of all the experiences you shared together through the years, like ticket stubs, coasters from your favorite spots, and other personal items.


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