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Best Date Night Ever with Casey's

Updated on February 22, 2023 | February 10, 2023

A Casey's Coffee cup with hearts made of coffee beans around it

Love is in the air, and it's the perfect time to spend a special night with your loved one!

Fun Ideas for Date Night at Home

Valentine’s Day is the second busiest day of the year to eat out at a restaurant. If you’re planning to spend this day of love with your significant other or even a special friend, consider opting to stay in.

A date night at home can be fun! See how Casey’s can set you up for an easy and memorable night.


Snack + Scrapbook

Snack together and scrapbook your favorite memories! Gather your best photos, notes, and mementos that you have together and look back at some of the best days you've had together. Whether you want to create a memory board, shadow box, or a presentation in digital form, it will absolutely be special. 


Special Snack Ideas: 

Casey’s PB&J Pretzels

What's better than a salty, crunchy pretzel filled with creamy peanut butter? One dusted with sweet strawberry jelly seasoning!


A bowl of popcorn on a picnic table



Popcorn is the perfect snack for date night! It's an ideal mix of salty and crunchy to satisfy all of your cravings.


Charcuterie Board

Put together a charcuterie board with the traditional cheese and crackers or get creative with a trendy idea, like creating your own board with pizza, chicken tenders, breadsticks, and your other favorite foods!

A charcuterie board with Casey's pizza, breadsticks, chicken, pretzels, and more

You could also cut up some fresh fruit or make a variety of dips to pair with your pretzels or other chips and crackers


Throwback Night

Play some retro games from your childhood (or even ones that were out before you were born!). It will take you down memory lane and allow you to relate with your partner or friend on a deeper level, and maybe add in a little friendly competition too.

What pairs best with games? PIZZA! Order your tried-and-true or try something new!


A pizza taste test for two:

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast Pizza is not only good in the morning hours, order your fave for date night too! Go all in on the brunch theme and add some donuts, juice, and fruit.


Casey's Breakfast Pizza with donuts, orange juice, and chocolate milk


Pizza + Sides

Choose your favorite pizza and then add on some tasty sides like Cheesy Breadsticks or Crispy Wings – and get it all for a great deal!



Spa Night

Relaxing and romantic! Cozy up in your most comfortable pajamas and slippers, grab a face mask, and take a load off!

This stay-at-home date night is super easy and can be customized with whatever seems most relaxing to you and your partner or friend.

Sweeten your date night by ordering a surprise dessert delivery… a little something sweet for both of you! 


Delightful Desserts: 

Oreo Cake Pop

Grab this yummy bite-sized treat, a delicious cake pop topped with vanilla icing and crumbled Oreo cookies.


A Casey's exclusive Oreo Cake Pop in front of a Christmas Tree


Casey’s Candy Bars

A peanut butter bar, salted caramel bar, or raspberry are our favorite delicious flavors


Ice Cream

You can’t go wrong with this sweet treat!

A sundae bar with vanilla ice cream, M&Ms, cherries, and more

Pro-tip: Make your own sundae bar by adding toppings like whipped cream and sprinkles!


The Perfect Date Night Drink Recipe

Casey's ~Pizza Our Heart~ Punch ♥

Casey's Pizza Our Heart Romantic Cocktail on a Valentine's Day inspired background

To make this delicious and romantic cocktail, mix equal parts Casey's Raspberry Lemonade, Cranberry Juice, and Orange Juice. For each drink, add a shot of Tito's Vodka, or omit it if you prefer a virgin version of the drink.



Other Date Night Tips


Bring Home Flowers

One thing is for sure. No matter the route you choose and the vibe you want, flowers are always a nice touch to add to the ambiance. Buy some for decoration and then grab some for your partner or friend. It’s always nice to get something on the day of love!


Switch Up the Routine

There's nothing wrong with catching up on your favorite tv show, going out to a restaurant for dinner, or doing your usual thing, but make sure to spice it up every once in a while!

It doesn't have to be stressful to come up with something new. Like our ideas above, just finding something that is relaxing and fun to the two of you is all you need!


Just Enjoy Yourself

Take the time to let your worries go so you can just enjoy your time with your loved one.

Listening to them and having meaningful conversation without worrying about outside life will bring your relationship to a new level and you'll enjoy yourselves so much more.



Don't leave the house on date night! Get your dinner, desserts, and more delivered from select locations.



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