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Behind the Breakfast: Cama

Updated on July 15, 2022 | September 8, 2021

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Take a peek behind the scenes to see our team's process from ideation to implementation for our all new breakfast!

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A Casey's team member in the field who was one of the first to work with our new breakfast lineup!

Cama S.

Ankeny, IA Store Team Member

16 Years with Casey's


Cama's favorite Casey's pizza is Taco Pizza with Casey's Taco Sauce.

Q: What was your role in Casey's new breakfast launch?


I was part of an event called ops shakedown where they showed us how to make all the new products, and I tried my best to make everything at the highest quality for the guests. That's number one.

We gave them our feedback, since it's not quite like what we do every day. It's different, not difficult really, but it does take more time as we are still getting trained.

"I mean, coffee always smells good, but when it’s really fresh, you can tell by how good it smells, like with our new machines"

Q: What was your favorite new product to work on?


I'll say the loaded burrito. I like to roll! [laughs] You have to get experience with that, though, to really make good burritos for guests. But, yeah, I definitely enjoyed rolling the burritos.

I made my own with hash browns and eggs because I didn't personally want the meat, and it was really good!

Q: What do you think guests will be most excited about with the new breakfast?


I mean, I'm most excited for the burrito[laughs] but, let's see, I think maybe the Toastwich. I think they'll be excited to see it ahead of time, in advertising and all that. I think they'll be excited to come and try it out! It's very good.

I do think that after guests try this new breakfast, they will be back.

"You know, the guests are a part of my morning as much as I'm a part of theirs"

Q: Have you tried the new bean-to-cup coffee? What do you think?


Oh yeah, I love it. It's fresh coffee, and it smells amazing. When you make your own coffee in the morning, oh my God, it smells so good. I mean, coffee always smells good, but when it's really fresh, you can tell by how good it smells, like with our new machines.

Plus, when the customer sees all the new coffee machines in the store, it's like, ‘Wow! I wanna try it!' They're nice looking, and you can tell that they brew a really delicious, fresh cup of coffee. Yeah, I like the bean-to-cup machines a lot.

Q: How do you drink your coffee?


I put half coffee, half cappuccino, with some hot chocolate. I don't put creamers or sugars in my cups of coffee, I just put a little bit of hot chocolate for sweetness and have the rest be plain coffee. That's always been my way since I worked with Casey's. I like to add in a little something extra for fun.

Q: What's your favorite part about working at Casey's?


I like to talk to people. We all have our regular customers, and I like to talk to them. It just gives you something, you know, it makes your day. Especially in the morning when you come in, your regulars can tell you what happened all day yesterday, and sometimes it's funny. You know, the guests are a part of my morning as much as I'm a part of theirs.

And I know if they're in a good mood or not, and I know if I can say a little joke or no [laughs]It's just like family!

Q: Bonus question: Have there been any funny or interesting stories from working at Casey's so long?


A lot! [laughs]

I recently helped a guest when her car rolled away from her, that was a funny story! It was a windy day, she took the garbage out and put some boxes in the car, and then just her car started rolling around the parking lot and all that stuff. She was all good, but it was something a little out of the ordinary and funny


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